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In addition to winning several awards, Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen: Recipes from the East for Health, Healing, and Long Life has received much critical acclaim.

Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause, and other works, writes:

"I love this book! It's a most nourishing read and the recipes are most enticing."

Giovanni Maciocia, C.Ac., author of The Practice of Chinese Medicine, The Foundations of Chinese Medicine, The Psyche in Chinese Medicine, and other works, writes:

"The foundations of this book rest on expert knowledge of [a] time-honored approach to health and healing. In writing this book, the authors have built a solid and welcoming bridge between East and West that many will want to cross."

A review in Publishers Weekly states:

"The three authors of this well-penned title highlight key concepts of east Asian herbal cooking, and lucidly explain their holistic approach to cooking. Recipes from China, Japan, and Korea, arranged by course, include informative headnotes, ingredient variations, and notes on how the recipe ties into Chinese medicine..."

Sheldon S. Hendler, Ph.D., M.D., editor-in-chief, Journal of Medicinal Food, author and co-editor, PDR for Nutritional Supplements, and clinical professor of medicine (voluntary), University of California, San Diego, says:

"Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen is a good read, intelligent, interesting, and potentially tasty. I highly recommend it."

Infodad.com, a service of Transcentury Communications, opines:

"All in all, Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen is a feast for the mind as well as the palate; and perhaps some readers will find that it can represent a few steps on the path toward wellness, too."

Paul W. Miller, M.D., adjunct professor, Exercise and Nutritional Science Department, San Diego State University, notes:

"We have a lot to learn from how other cultures approach health and medicine. Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen not only offers mouth-watering Asian recipes and lore about food, it also provides a new way to look at what makes up a healthy diet—a refreshing antidote to the way many of us in America eat today."

Jack Miller, president of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, says:

"I have been waiting for this book for 20 years. Finally, respected authorities in the field Dr. Yuan Wang and Warren Sheir, LAc, have written a book on food therapy with writer Mika Ono that will appeal to both practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine and anyone who is interested in harnessing an Eastern approach to the power of food for better health."

U.K. publication Health and Fitness Magazine, which selected Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen as "Nutrition Book of the Month," notes:

"Mixing the ancient tradition of traditional medicine and healing using herbs and food with western home remedies and recipes, this book offers a wealth of healing kitchen tips…"

Phyllis DeBlanche recommends Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen in San Diego Magazine's gift guide:

"Chock full of educational tidbits about feel-better food, Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen: Recipes from the East for Health, Healing, and Long Life makes a great gift for anyone interested in Eastern traditions and cuisines.”

Courtney Greene writes in a review in the Library Journal:

"Verdict: Recommended as an accessible introduction to integrating ideas of traditional Chinese medicine into cooking where there has been interest in superfood books."

Robert Alan Bonakdar, M.D., director of pain management, Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, and co-director, symposium Natural Supplements: An Evidence-Based Update, says:

"Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen provides a refreshing look at how to heal while you eat. If we believe the adage that food is medicine then this book, through sections such as "Recipes for Common Health Concerns," provides both recipes for delicious eating as well as prescriptions for optimal healing."

Writer Jenna Schneur says in American Way Magazine, the flight magazine of American Airlines:

"[This book] will put an instant spring in anyone's step."

Clean Eating's Anna Lee Boschetto writes:

"From almonds to winter melon, Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen gives you the goods on each food's noteworthy therapeutic properties according to traditional Chinese medicine... You'll find many clean-eating staples - such as asparagus, lemon juice and brown rice - on the list. Each recipe also offers variations on ingredients and preparation so that you never get tired of the same old."

U.K. publication, Healthy Soul, says of Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen:

"(A)n informative book on Eastern medicine and philosophies… The health-conscious cook could learn a lot and find a different approach to eating to supplement their wellbeing."

A review in Supereco.com says:

"In the face of increasing dissatisfaction with conventional medical care, the book is a powerful package offering a window into how other cultures stay healthy."

Guohui Liu, MS, MB/BS, LAc, faculty at Oregon College of Oriental medicine and National College of Naturopathic Medicine, and author of Warm Diseases: A Clinical Guide and other works, writes:

"Part cookbook, part introduction to Chinese medicine, Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen introduces a holistic approach to food that is second nature in China and vital to medical practice there. I will be sharing this exceptional work with both my patients and colleagues."

Aaron Blanton of January Magazine says:

"Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen is a deeply interesting book. One that, given the right set of circumstances and half a chance, could change your life."

Larry Cox of Tucson Citizen's "What's Cooking" writes:

"This is a wonderful collection that would be an asset in almost any kitchen. The recipes are fairly easy to prepare, many combining many flavors to present familiar foods in a refreshing new way."

Barbara Bamberger Scott writes in Curled Up with a Good Book:

"Perhaps it’s time for you to make some changes in your diet. This book could open the door to health as well as healing."

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen is available from Amazon and other retailers.